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Scribemaster - Drainer Groove Pro - With Recess/Groove Carriage

Scribemaster - Drainer Groove Pro - With Recess/Groove Carriage

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Frame for routing slopes & grooves in solid timber and solid surface worktops. 

  • With Flex-Tech to prevent bowing and improve accuracy. (Click Here For More Info On Flex-Tech)

  • Made from 12mm hardwearing CNC machined phenolic.

  • X and Y-axis ski and carriage allows forward and back, and side to side movement.

  • Provides a 0.5 degree fall.

  • Router carriage has hole to accept a 30mm guide bush.

  • Carriage can be locked to allow parallel groove routing for standard drainer grooves.

  • Router carriage can also be used for tapered surfacing applications with a 19mm diameter straight cutter.

  • Outer frame has index holes at 50mm centres to restrict length of slots and includes two index pins.

  • Two inner template accessories available to give various groove affects such as straight slot, straight fan, curved fan, lightning fan and hot rod.

  • Router carriage is not used when inner templates are fitted.

  • Requires suitable plunge router with 30mm guide bush and cutters.

  • Patent App. No. GB1718517.4

  • A Unibase may be required for certain makes and models of router.


Fall - 0.5 degree
Groove length - 447 mm
X-axis - 447 mm
Y-axis - 415 mm
Length - 600 mm
Height - 600 mm
Width - 12 mm
Weight - 4kg
Guide bush - 30 mm
Plunge router - 1/2-inch
Cutter - Cove R9.5 mm

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