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Drainer Groove Jig - Timber & Compact Laminate with Flex-Tech

Drainer Groove Jig - Timber & Compact Laminate with Flex-Tech

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A precision jig for routing draining grooves in solid timber and compact laminate worktops.

  • With Flex-Tech to prevent bowing and improve accuracy. (Click Here For More Info On Flex-Tech)

  • CNC-Machined Compact Grade HPL provides precision, strength and durability.

  • 3 Support Runners to minimise jig deflection and maximise router support.

  • 8 Drainer Grooves at 0.5mm pitch and 455mm long.

  • Etched Sight Lines for quick setup.

  • In-Built 0.5° Fall to minimize setup time and remove the need for spacers.

  • Edge Guide Fixing Holes to accommodate user-made edge guides for repetitive installations.

  • Requires: ½” router (min.1300W), cutter and 2 x F-Clamps.

  • Cutter options: Cove Cutters 19.1mm (9.5mm or 6.0mm radius),  Flat Bottom Drainer Cutter 16mm (2.5mm radius).


Fall - 0.5 degree
Groove pitch - 50.0 mm
Groove length - 455 mm
Slat width - 19.8 mm
Length - 600 mm
Height - 585 mm
Width - 12 mm
Weight - 4.3kg

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