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Scribemaster (Cope) - Pro

Scribemaster (Cope) - Pro

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The quickest and most accurate way of scribing/coping skirting/baseboard and dado/chair rail.

  • Cuts precise copes in just 15 seconds using a medium duty router fitted with a 1-3/16" (30mm) guide bushing

  • Fully variable, cuts both left and right hand copes

  • Up to 10 times quicker than manual copes

  • Up to 7-5/8" (195mm) tall boards with a maximum of 1-1/4" thickness

  • Cuts any length board with a minum length of 12" (300mm)

  • Copes profiles into kitchen plinths/kickboard

  • Copes warped boards accurately

  • Can be used on out of plumb walls and out of square corners


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